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Go Rhino! D360B Dominator Black HitchStep for 2" Receivers

Go Rhino! D360B Dominator Black HitchStep for 2″ Receivers – Hitch Steps

If you are seeking best deals and testimonial Hitch Steps for the money as well as sound, this is the good place for you! The following is info concerning Go Rhino! D360B Dominator Black HitchStep for 2″ Receivers – one of Go Rhino! product recommendation for Hitch Steps classification.

Go Rhino! D360B Dominator Black HitchStep for 2

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The patented Go Rhino Dominator Hitch Step is available in polished stainless or black powder coat finish. Universal step fits all 2 inch receivers. Not only is this a great step but it also protects the rear of your vehicle. Fast and simple installation comes complete with hitch pin anti-rattle system and storage bag.

The Go Rhino! D360B Dominator hitchstep is a hitch receiver accessory with a durable, and attractive tiered two-step design that provides dramatically improved access to the cargo hauling areas of larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks, SUVs, vans and trailers. The Dominator is compatible with any 2″ hitch receiver, and features: .065″ tubular steel throughout, a non-slip upper rubberized step pad, a lower aluminum step pad, three adjustable extension positions along its hitch shaft, an anti-rattle bracket accessory, a black powder coat finish, angled and capped tube ends, compatibility with hitch locks (sold separately), a handy storage bag, and a five-year limited warranty.

A isolated view of the Go Rhino! D360B Dominator black steel hitchstep

Two-tiered hitchstep functionality that is suitable for use on trucks, SUVs, vans, and trailers.
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Two Steps Are Better Than One

The Go Rhino! D360B Dominator hitchstep provides superior access to pickup truck beds and racks, as well as the roof racks of SUVs, vans, and trailers through a combination of its two tiered steps, and rugged construction. The upper step and hitch shaft are identical to Go Rhino’s standard 360B series 3″ hitchstep, featuring a 36″ step section forged from 3″ x .065″ steel, welded to a squared 2″ hitch shaft of .065″ steel that is compatible with any 2″ hitch receiver. Integrated into the upper step is a 20″ (l) x 3″ (w) rubberized step pad, with treaded segments surrounding the attractive Go Rhino! logo that ensures secure footing. But the addition of the lower step section is what sets the Dominator apart. The lower step section is forged of the same .065″ tubular steel as the upper section, but with a more narrow width and shorter length that allows more than enough room for a foothold, without significantly lowering the bottom edge of the device. Centered below the main step section and projecting forward, the tubing of the lower step angles up at its ends and is connected to the the main section with heavy-duty welds. Aligned along its top edge is an aluminum grated step pad, which provides traction and can be removed for cleaning or exchange as necessary. Working together the two step configuration allows users of all heights to more easily reach the maximum elevation that the Dominator can provide, whether it be mounted on standard sized vehicles, or one featuring exaggerated ground clearance. Holes along the hitch shaft of the Dominator allow for adjustability to three different positions. This provides the extra extension sometimes needed in step applications where hitch receivers are mounted too close to the chassis of vehicles for the step to clear the edge of bumpers. Adjustability is also handy to gain more leverage from the step as needed in varied applications.

The Go Rhino! D360B Dominator black steel hitchstep installed

Installs in seconds on any 2″ hitch receiver.
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The three adjustable hitch receiver positions of the Go Rhino! D360B Dominator black steel hitchstep

Three adjustable settings hitch receiver settings.
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The anti-rattle device of the Go Rhino! D360B Dominator black steel hitchstep

Includes a knob/bracket-based anti-rattle device to ensure a quiet ride.
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Stability and Security

The stability of the Dominator is provided by a bracket-knob style, anti-rattle device that maintains a constant physical connection between the hitch section of the step and the vehicle’s hitch receiver, minimizing the possibility of metal-on-metal noise during transit. Its black powder coat finish protects against the elements, and can also serve as a primer coat for paint touchups. The ends of the upper step section curve in slightly and are are plastic-capped. This minimizes sharp edges and the potential for incidental damage should the hitchstep come into with an object while the vehicle that it is attached to is moving or parked/parking. The included hitch pin, clip and soft bag make for easy, tool-free installation and removal, as well as storage when not in use. A more secure connection to hitch receivers is also possible through compatibility with standard hitch locks (sold separately).

Key Features

  • Two-tiered hitchstep improves rear access to a truck beds, and/or SUV roof racks
  • Large no-slip rubberized top step pad, above a smaller removable aluminum step pad
  • Compatibility with any 2″ hitch receiver
  • Premium quality 3″ x .065″ tubular steel that is strong and durable
  • Integrated non-slip rubberized step pad design
  • Steel construction with a black powder coat finish for durability and protection from corrosion
  • Plastic capped end pieces minimize sharp edges around work areas and items
  • Three different hitch shaft connection settings allow users to alter the step’s extension away from bumpers
  • Great for additional vehicle protection in parking lots and while driving
  • The anti-rattle bracket/knob accessory provides for a quiet ride and is easy to use
  • Fast tool-free installation/removal with the included pin and clip
  • Compatibility with standard hitch locks (sold separately)


  • Length: 36″
  • Step pads: 2 (top – 20″ rubberized, bottom – removable grated aluminum)
  • Hitch size/hitch receiver compatibility: 2″
  • Adjustable hitch receiver depth positions: 3
  • Construction/finish: 3″ x .065″ steel with a black powder coat finish
  • Lockable: Yes (with hitch receiver lock – sold separately)

What’s in the Box

  • Go Rhino! D360B 3″ Dominator black hitchstep
  • Hitch pin and clip
  • Anti-rattle bracket and knob
  • Two end finishing caps
  • Storage bag
  • Use instructions and warranty information

Five-year Limited Warranty

Go Rhino! Products warrants its p
roducts to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This limited warranty extends for 5 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first) for black finished product versions, 5 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first) for chrome finished versions, and a limited lifetime for polished stainless steel versions. Warranties apply to products purchased after April 2004. Claims are applicable only to the original owner and must be accompanied with original invoice and photos.

About Go Rhino! Products

Since 1975, Go Rhino! products has remained a leader in the development, design and manufacturing of innovative, stylish and functional truck and SUV accessories. In 2004, Go Rhino! Products partnered with XTREME RACKS to create award winning and patented truck and SUV products that combine functionally, unique looks and rugged durability. In 2008, Go Rhino! Products merged with Big Country Products. Regardless of the product, each step in the manufacturing of a Go Rhino! product is designed to meet the most stringent quality standards and ensure an international ISO rating that is the consumers’ assurance of Go Rhino’s commitment to quality.

Go Rhino! D360B Dominator Black HitchStep for 2″ Receivers from Go Rhino!

Go Rhino! D360B Dominator Black HitchStep for 2

Features and Specifications:

  • Includes anti-rattle device and a convenient black storage bag
  • Dual step for hard-to-reach storage areas or racks are now easily accessible
  • Manufactured of the highest quality steel for unmatched strength and durability
  • Limited 5-year warranty on black powder coat

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Make sure you purchase the finest quality products at special rates if you are interested in buying this product. Prior to you purchase ensure you buy it at the store that has an excellent track record and great service. Thank you for seeing this page, we hope it can assist you to obtain details of best Go Rhino! Hitch Steps as the concept of supplying the very best car solutions.

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