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A New Solution For Electric Car Companies

A New Solution For Electric Car Companies – The major issue is the lack of electric car charging stations. Much better Place appears to have the response. Not only have they established a reliable infrastructure of charging stations but they will certainly also have something they call “Switch Stations”.

A switch station is the gasoline station for electrical vehicles. The principle is easy, you increase a ramp and a machine that runs much like a conveyor belt with some other devices eliminates the battery which lies at the bottom of the electric car and after that changes it with the new completely charged battery. When I first came across this principle I was entirely confused but when I saw the video I was persuaded that this process made sense. In addition Better Place provides software application that lets you know where the nearby charging stations and change stations are situated. This is very important due to the reality that all electrical automobile owners generally experience stress and anxiety when their battery runs low. Understanding that there is a station within range helps avoid this concern.

Hsbc, Lazard Asset Management and Morgan Stanley Investment Management, also seems to be encouraged about this company’s ability to create an electric car charging facilities. They are so convinced that they invested 350 million dollars into Better Place, giving the company a new evaluation of 1.25 billion dollars. Although this company is not public at this moment my gut is telling me that this company will certainly be public in the near future.

If you believe that’s amazing, pay attention to this, the company seems to be working with Nissan-Renault which will certainly develop an unique electric car that will certainly be sold in markets where Better Place has a presence. If Better Place chose not to go public it might choose to be acquired by one of its partners, this is simply speculation at this point however. Once more, this is simply speculation right now but if Better Place began to see some momentum and I were making the choice at Nissan-Renault.

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